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UNITOPIA a unique concept originated and produced by Silian. It is dedicated to Silian's Family and all Music / Ethnics Enthusiasts.

UNITOPIA itself stands for "Unique, Universe, and Utopia". The whole album consists of 10 national anthems, an original song and a cover song, all were musically produced by Cory Noziglia. They were sung in 8 different languages, with performance and re-arrangement aimed at unearthing the musical potential inspired by the original anthems and local cultures. Filled with beautiful vocal and instrumental, the album is a product of talent, creativity and effort by Silian, Cory and many professional musicians.

UNITOPIA is a unique concept, a unique album, and a unique voice that sings for all nations. 


1. Advance Australia Fair (Fanfare) LISTEN  | LYRIC | Itunes
2. Canada - O Canada (Christmas Pop) LISTEN  | LYRIC | Itunes
3. China - March of the Volunteers (Pop Ballad) LISTEN  | LYRIC | Itunes
4. Germany - Das Deutschlandlied (Hard Rock) LISTEN  | LYRIC | Itunes
5. India - Jana Gana Mana (A cappella) LISTEN  | LYRIC | Itunes
6. Italy - Il Canto degli Italiani (Disco) LISTEN  | LYRIC | Itunes
7. Japan - Kimigayo (Ambient) LISTEN  | LYRIC | Itunes
8. Philippines - Lupang Hinirang (Guitar Ballad) LISTEN  | LYRIC | Itunes
9. U.K. - God Save the Queen (Pseudo Blues) LISTEN  | LYRIC | Itunes
10. U.S. - The Star-Spangled Banner (Jazz) LISTEN  | LYRIC | Itunes