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再生‧ 木 (x'mas version)

再生‧ 木 (x'mas version)
王靖喬Silian 梁俊軒Bonald

Love takes in many forms - some of which exists among couples, families, friends, and even between humans and animals . If trees and plants possess life, humans may also express their affections on them. Christmas trees bring wonderful memories to us, but many are short-lived and ended up in the landfill after the festive season.
But if we can recycle these woods and make them into usable materials, this could be a way to preserve our environment and the good memories that these trees bring to mankind. This song is about how we can treasure this special life form.
Christmas Tree Recycle Program: www.xmasrecycle.com

  • info 1. 再生‧ 木 (x'mas version) LYRIC |  
  • (Cover) Time After Time

    [Self Completion]

    To a certain of age, or life experience to a certain extent, the fundamental self is always limitlessly bundled by the compression. Livelihood can no longer be live freely, everyday life has become senseless.

    When moving to a new home, I find my childhood toys. Because of work, I often visit the playground near my old house.
    On Facebook, I add back my old classmates and my former elementary school teacher. At that moment, an impact of memory, hit me as the lava from a volcano, making me impossible to control the strong heartwarming feeling growing from memory.
    60% is Happiness, 40% is from undescribable emotion.

    Had found the colorful childish self once again, but can he be fused to the present lifestyle? Can not just stay home in daze.
    I will share my childhood toy car to play with my children! Take my parents back to the old home area, to have a walk and have tea together when have holiday! Actively sending message to ask old classmates to have a meet up and visit each other.

    I can choose, I will definitely not want to lose any memory of the precious moment. If it can be found, and the feeling is heartwarming, then please treasure it dearly. Restructuring the fundamental self, then to the began of self completion!

  • info 2. (Cover) Time After Time LYRIC |  
  • (Cover) 我的心裡只有你沒有他 My Heart Doesn't Have Him

    Vocal: 王靖喬Silian

    Compose: Carlos Eleta Almarán

    Arrange/Produce: 鄭嘉嘉

  • info 3. (Cover) 我的心裡只有你沒有他 My Heart Doesn't Have Him LYRIC |  
  • (Cover) 對你愛不完 Never Ending Love

    Vocal: 王靖喬Silian
    Compose:Ichiro Hada
    Arrange/Produce: Allan Lau 劉熙信
    Vocal Produce: 鄭嘉嘉

    Piano, Programming, Backing Vocal: Allan Lau 劉熙信
    Bass: Sylvain Gagnon
    Mixing & Mastering: South

  • info 4. (Cover) 對你愛不完 Never Ending Love LYRIC |  
  • (Live Jam) You're Beautiful

    You're Beautiful - Originally by James Blunt
    Live Jam in Tokyo

    RUBY ROOM TOKYO | ルビールーム東京

    Vocal: Silian Wong | 王靖喬
    Guitar: Kenya Sato | 佐藤健哉

  • info 5. (Live Jam) You're Beautiful  
  • (Live) I will Survive

    王靖喬 Silian Wong - Winner of The Voice of the Ocean 2016 - Singing the classic I will Survive during the final round of the competition in Alaska

  • info 6. (Live) I will Survive  
  • (Live) Eternal Flame

    王靖喬 Silian Wong - Winner of The Voice of The Ocean 2016 - Singing Eternal Flame during the second round of the competition

  • info 7. (Live) Eternal Flame  
  • 再生‧ 木 (x'mas version)

    (Cover) Time After Time

    (Cover) 我的心裡只有你沒有他 My Heart Doesn't Have Him

    (Cover) 對你愛不完 Never Ending Love

    (Live Jam) You're Beautiful

    (Live) I will Survive

    (Live) Eternal Flame