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In the following session, “You” represents the reader of www.silianwong.com, and “We/us” represents the owner of www.silianwong.com.

You may not reproduce any of the information on www.silianwong.com for any reason without prior permission from us. If you want to apply to re-print some of this info onto another format or website you can contact us via the Contact Me page and ask for permission.

We will never use any of the information you give to us to spam you and you will only ever be added to our mailing list on contacted if you have previously given us permission to.

When you sign up to SilianWong’s mailing list, your email address will never be spammed. You will only be updated with Silian’s upcoming activities and/or updates from www.silianwong.com.

All the information on www.silianwong.com is available for use at your sole discretion. We cannot be held responsible for any losses that arise from using any of the information, music, and video on this website.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement you can contact us via the Contact Me page.